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10 Times Alexis G. Zall Was The Best Person On Twitter


10 Times Alexis G. Zall Was The Best Person On Twitter

Happy birthday, Alexis! You’re the best.

Alexis G. Zall turns 19 today and we’re celebrating by rounding up all the times she tweeted something that came straight out of our hearts. 

If you don’t already follow her on Twitter, you’re missing out on daily doses of realness that we wouldn’t give up for anything. Happy birthday, Alexis!


1. When she told everyone what LA is REALLY like.

2. When she made a mistake that made us LOL

3. Relatable.

4. This is the best metaphor for getting tired at a party ever.

5. When she got real about how you can really figure a person out from their Instagram story.

6. We always find ourselves craving a manicure at midnight too.

7. When she made the most of a weird food sitch.

8. Thank you, Amazon Prime!

9. You don’t need an invitation to accept an invitation.

10. When she gave us some real life advice we use all the time.

Happy birthday, Alexis! Thanks for always making us laugh!

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