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5 Vlogs That’ll Get You Excited For Summer Days


5 Vlogs That’ll Get You Excited For Summer Days

It’s almost here!

Summer is so close we can almost taste it and that means days filled with sun, water, and friends are almost here! 

Some of our favorite YouTubers have posted blogs from their vacations that have totally got us in the mood for hotter days! Here are 5 of our favorites: 

1. Gabi DeMartino’s Bermuda vlog has everything: cute clothes, beautiful views, and two of our fave YouTubers!

2. Meredith Foster hit the beach with a friend! Do you live near a beach?

3. Olivia Jade had an awesome summer day out! What do you usually do during the summer?

4. Alisha Marie’s packing vlog is totally helpful for anyone going on vacation with their fam!

5. Claudia Sulewski’s Kauai Vlog = the ultimate vacation goals!

We want to hear about your summer plans! Tweet us @YSBnow!

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