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10 Times Dove Gave All Her Love On Twitter


10 Times Dove Gave All Her Love On Twitter

“NEVER let insecurity hold you back. Your body is beautiful!”

Here’s the thing – Dove Cameron is insanely talented. But her talents go far beyond her comedic timing and vocal range.

Whether she’s hanging out with us at YSBnow, or sharing her wisdom in 140 characters or less on Twitter, Dove does so much more than act and sing. She inspires us to love, cherish and believe in ourselves. If you’re not following her already, you’re sorely missing out – see what we mean with these 10 tweets that gave us all the feels:

1. When she asserted that health is more important than a number on a scale:

2. When she called out clothing companies whose products don’t represent all shapes and sizes:

3. When she implored that we never limit ourselves or our dreams:

4. When she told us that it’s okay not to be okay – and encouraged us to seek help in our struggles:

5. When she inspired us to make 2018 our best year yet:

6. When she told us to shake off the haters:

7. And inspired us to take care of ourselves:

8. When she dropped this knowledge bomb:

9. Then shared these beautiful words with a fan:

10. And lastly, when she shared these important sentiments:

We love you, Dove!

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