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10 Times Lizzy Greene Was the Queen of Giving Back


10 Times Lizzy Greene Was the Queen of Giving Back

The “Million Little Things” actress does a LOT of things to make a difference!

When she was just a little girl growing up in Texas, Lizzy Greene discovered her love of giving back. And now that she’s a big star, she’s using her celebrity platform to do that in a major way! 

Check it out.

1. She actively volunteers with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and you can even find her attending a carnival booth!

2. We wish we could have been in Minnesota to watch her incredible speech at #WeMovement, which she delivered for over 18,000 fans!

3. She also attended the Starlight Children’s Foundation’s Halloween event, dressed as a cat!

4. Did you know she’s a huge animal lover? Lizzy’s been helping the ASPCA since she was a little girl:

5. She also supported the LGBTQ community by wearing purple for Spirit Day back in October!

6. Lizzy even created a t-shirt with Custom Ink to help put an end to bullying!

7. We love how she made these amazing cards that she sent to US military members stationed overseas and encouraged her fans to do the same!

8. And she helped this cute lil’ kitten find a home at CatCon LA!

9. Every year, she honors young people giving back at Nickelodeon’s HALO Awards:

10. And we love how she’s always inspiring others through her story:

We love you, Lizzy!

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