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Demi Lovato Shares Her 5 Best Workout Tips


Demi Lovato Shares Her 5 Best Workout Tips

“I’ve learned to appreciate my body for what it is. It helps to remind myself how far I’ve come.”


Demi Lovato is so inspiring when it comes to being real about health and wellness. She’s honest and real with her fans about her issues around her own confidence and she takes any opportunity to promote body positivity and self love. Despite her busy schedule, still manages to make time for working out. “On show days I count my concert as a workout, but on my off days I try to work out once in the morning and again at night,” she says. “It can be a lot between performing and traveling, so I’m careful not to push myself too hard.”

Here are Demi’s top tips for staying fit and positive about your body:

1. A good workout playlist is crucial. “Sometimes we’ll blare music at the venue where I’m performing, and I’ll run up and down the stairs or around the concourse.”

2. Use a mirror! “My trainer will make me look in the mirror while I’m lifting weights or doing squats so I can watch my muscles forming. It’s encouraging to see myself getting stronger. Now I get excited about seeing muscles instead of bones.”

3. Switch up your workouts so you don’t get bored. Demi loves Jiu-Jitsu, cycling, and mixed martial arts.

4. It’s important to eat healthy and be aware of what you put into your body. “Instead, it’s better to listen to your body and eat what you want in moderation.

5. Be your biggest cheerleader. “If you’re feeling sluggish or like you don’t want to work out, just remember what good it’s going to do for your body and how great you’re going to feel afterward.”

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