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10 Times Maddie Ziegler and Jack Kelly Were Total Couple Goals


10 Times Maddie Ziegler and Jack Kelly Were Total Couple Goals

Where can we apply to be their third wheel?

If you didn’t already know, Maddie Ziegler – dancer, actress, author and all around queen – slays pretty much everything she does and is in life. With that, it’s no surprise that she and her boyfriend Jack Kelly – a super awesome Instagram personality from Australia – are couple goals to the max. Don’t believe us? See for yourself! Here are 10 times Maddie and Jack (Mack? Jaddie? ¯_(?)_/¯) were too cute to handle.

1. When they made their relationship Instagram official:

2. When they wore matching shoes:

3. When Jack proved how well he knows Maddie in a YouTube challenge:

4. When they took adorable Snapchat selfies:

5. When they shopped till they dropped:

6. When they were forced to be oceans a part (because Jack lives on, like, the other side of the world!):

7. But then showed us all how to make long distance work:

8. When they went to Disney Land together:

9. When they hit the beach:

10. And, of course, when they were utterly and completely happy together:

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