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BFFriday: Sofia Carson and Sabrina Carpenter


BFFriday: Sofia Carson and Sabrina Carpenter

These Disney babes have had such an exciting week!

When Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson announced they were doing a movie together, we were all “OMG YES THEY’RE GOING TO BECOME BEST FRIENDS” and guess what!? They did. After seeing these two in Adventures In Babysitting  on Disney Channel, we knew they’d be friends for life. Luckily for us, we still get to see this duo together all the time because of their adorable friendship outside of work. 


We’re only a few days away from seeing Sofia in Descendants 2 and just yesterday, we were gifted with Sabrina’s new music video (which you should check out here), so it’s safe to say these two are totally slaying Hollywood together! 

When Sabrina released her new single “Smoke and Fire,” BFF Sofia tweeted about it.

And when they’re at work events, they’re always hanging out together.

They’re always making each other laugh (a lot).

They even hang with each other’s siblings!

Plus, did you realize that they both have the initials SC?

Check out when they were both sporting that black hat look together without planning it.

They cuddle backstage at events…

And go to the bathroom together for that perf mirror selfie!

But they also let the photographers snap a few pics of their cute friendship!

Happy BFFriday to you, Sabrina and Sofia!

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