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10 Tweets From Madisyn Shipman That’ll Inspire You Today!


10 Tweets From Madisyn Shipman That’ll Inspire You Today!

“Be yourself and the right people will love the real you,” she says

She’s been crushing it since birth!

You know her as the clever Kenzie from Game Shakers, but Madisyn is even cooler IRL! The North Carolina native is totally fun and inspiring – and her Twitter is just the same! We can always count on Miss Maddie Moo Hoo for some much-needed words of wisdom. Even her Twitter bio rocks: “Stay true to yourself even in darkness & humble in the spotlight.”

See 10 times her tweets really inspired us:

1. When she reminded us to work hard:

2. She’s living proof of this!

3. When she gave us some fruit for thought:

4. When she showed us that being yourself is SO important:

5. When she reminded us that life is a learning experience:

6. When she inspired us to chase our dreams:

7. When she pointed out the importance of gratitude:

8. When she reminded us that we’re limitless:

9. When she shared this epic quote:

10. And finally, when she shared YSBnow’s message that beauty is so much more than the physical:

Watch our livestream with Madisyn below!

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