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10 #WaybackWednesday Miley Moments!


10 #WaybackWednesday Miley Moments!

From her first Teen Choice Award to her first-ever interview, these vids are gold!

Over the past decade, Miley Cyrus has moved us with her stunning songs, hilarious personality, and inspiring activism. In honor of her 24th birthday & Disney Channel’s upcoming Hannah Montana marathon, we decided to go back in time and dig up some of our favorite throwback Miley moments. Check ’em out!

1. Have you seen her “Hannah Montana” audition?

2. Or her first-ever interview promoting the series?

3. About a minute into this vid, you’ll spot YSBnow’s Colleen inside Miley’s dressing room!

4. Here, she takes you inside her tour bus:

5. And watch her excitement as she wins her first-ever Teen Choice Award:

6. How bout that time in the summer of 2006, when she hosted TRL?

7. Or when she got Punk’d by Justin Bieber?!

8. Since it’s the holiday season, we’ve gotta end with three iconic Miley performances. First, when she performed “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.” How was this 11 years ago?!

9. One year later, she covered Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” and slayed:

10. But our ultimate fave is her take on “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

Happy birthday, Miley! We love you!

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