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China Anne McClain’s Heartbreaking Shopping Trip


China Anne McClain’s Heartbreaking Shopping Trip

On Monday night, the multi-talented star was profiled inside a popular store

China Anne McClain is not only one of the most talented people in Hollywood; she’s also one of the sweetest. When we saw this tweet, we were devastated:

Unfortunately, incidents like this are not uncommon. Just a few months ago, Zendaya took to social media and shared her story of being discriminated against when attempting to purchase gift cards at a grocery store. “She literally threw my wallet and she was like, ‘You can’t afford this,’ is how she looked at me,” she said about the clerk. “It was $400! Long story short. There is so much progress to be done in our world.”

Zendaya is correct. And it’s hard to not feel broken and powerless when hearing about racist and discriminatory incidents happening in our country. Here’s how you (yes, you) can go from feeling powerless to empowered, and make a difference:  

1. Get Woke: Read books and watch documentaries that will help you understand racial issues and how we, as a society, can work to enact change. We recommend Ava DuVernay’s “13TH,” now streaming on Netflix:

2. Get Active: Learn about organizations that promote equality and work to end discrimination against people of color, like the NAACP, and see how you can get involved locally:

3. Speak Up: If you see someone being targeted or discriminated against because of their skin color, or if you hear someone making a racist or ignorant comment, say something and stand up for what’s right. Your voice is more powerful than you know.

4. Use Social Media: While it’s horrifying to see racist incidents documented on Twitter & Facebook, they’re shining a light on the fact that much progress still needs to be made, and now, people can’t ignore that.

And thanks to social media, racists are now suffering the consequences of their hate and ignorance:

But we’re also seeing beautiful moments of love, like from the security guard who helped a Muslim couple pray in peace during an NFL football game:

Or the hundreds of students at Baylor University, who walked Natasha Nkhama to class after hearing that someone called her a racial slur:

We can’t wait for the day when the word “racism” becomes obsolete and everyone realizes this:

Hate is so much stronger than love. Let’s band together and do everything we can to spread love, eradicate hate, and end racism. Just like China sings, “Put your hand in mine, hold your head up high, and together we’ll rise.”

We love you, #YSBnowFam!

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