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11 Celebs Who Have Taken a Stand for Women on Social Media


11 Celebs Who Have Taken a Stand for Women on Social Media

“We are more courageous when we encourage each other.”

We love when celebrities use their voices for the greater good, and these young women are not shy about speaking up about their beliefs. They stand up for women everywhere and we’re so proud of their bravery and advocacy for equal rights: Here are 11 women who are our sheros! 

1. Zendaya is known for shutting down twitter trolls when they are out of line. After a user (whose account has since been deleted) made a rape joke, she stood up, making all of us proud!

After the same user bragged about catching her attention and called it “lit”, here’s how she responded:

2. When Kesha battled legal issues with producer Dr. Luke, Demi Lovato raised her voice on twitter. She says that ‘to make actual changes in our society’, we have to stand up for each other.

3. Arianna Grande and Ariel Winter are a perfect example of how women should be supporting each other! When a body shamer compared the two women and calls Ariel a ‘stick’, Arianna was happy to speak out and defend the actress.

4. Grateful to have the support, Ariel was happy to spread the love.

5. We were so happy when Bea Miller said she wouldn’t do a song with The Chainsmokers for this reason.

6. Selena Gomez also expects us to accomplish great things. We’re all about it! She even gives us a resource to use with the Lean In Together campaign!

7. Emma Watson is a known feminist who continuously fights for gender equality.

She also shared how important it is that we work together.

8. Serena Williams who also takes a part in the Lean In Together campaign shares how Beyonce inspired her and aspires to continue inspiring women.

9. Rowan Blanchard makes a great point. To help each other, we have to take action!

10. We’re all so proud of Gigi Hadid handled street harassment last month, and so was Anna Kendrick!

11. Gigi’s response empowered women everywhere to defend themselves.

Thanks for fighting the good fight, ladies!

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