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11 Reasons We LOVE La La Land!


11 Reasons We LOVE La La Land!

Here’s why you should see it this weekend

1. It’s a story about artists.

Nothing’s better than seeing someone go after what they love and that’s what this movie is all about. Watching Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling follow their dreams provides great inspiration for the New Year! 

2. The scenery. 

Did you notice how gorgeous LA looks in every single scene? The dazzling sunsets and festive Christmas decorations light up the screen! 

3. Emma Stone singing.

We had no idea Emma Stone could sing! Her soothing raspy singing voice shocked us all! We knew she was talented, but we defintely didn’t know she was a triple threat! She rocked it! 

4. Ryan Gosling.

Need we say more?

5. The dancing.

According to interviews, Stone and Gosling trained for months to perfect the difficult choreography. It definitely paid off! 

6. John Legend.

Wasn’t it amazing when the legend, JOHN LEGEND, appeared on the screen? His voice is incredible and now we know he’s got acting chops too! 

7. The piano.

We can’t get that iconic tune that Ryan Gosling plays out of our heads! In interviews, he says that he learned to play piano specifically for this film and he was CRAZY GOOD! We get chills everytime! 

8. Jazz.

We love how La La Land is bringing jazz back into the lives of people everywhere! The film shows us that this genre of music should be as relevant now as it was in the 1920s. 

9. The wardrobe. 

The bold colors and designs lit up the screen and strongly contributed to the gorgeous aesthetic that the filmmakers produced. AND WHERE CAN WE GET THAT BLUE DRESS?!

10. The first scene in the film.

The first scene from the film was shot on the 405 freeway in LA and anyone from Los Angeles knows that the traffic can be HORRIBLE! This scene was a good laugh for anyone who’s been in a similar experience.

11. The epic love story.

If the rest of the reasons above weren’t enough to make you want to see this film, the love story will. Watching Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling fall in love again – like in Crazy, Stupid, Love – is absolutely magical. 

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