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5 Reasons You Should Subscribe to Rydel Lynch’s Youtube Channel


5 Reasons You Should Subscribe to Rydel Lynch’s Youtube Channel

The R5 rockstar is letting you in on some of her best secrets.


 Many people know about Rydel Lynch from the band R5, but the singer lets the R5 Family into her life through her YouTube channel. If you’re not subscribed to her channel, here are a few reasons why you should be!  



1. Need a new hair style for 2017? She shows you how to get her go-to curls!

2. Don’t have something to wear to your BFF’s birthday party next month? Rydel can be your style inspiration! She loves to show her fans different outfits she has bought depending on the month and occasion!

3. Do you have a sweet tooth? Rydel always makes sure to film herself making some of her favorite desserts so you can get in on the action too!

4. If you want to travel the world, Rydel’s behind-the-scenes vlog will definitely get you inspired!

5. Have an old jacket you’ve been wanting to get rid of? Don’t! Rydel points out how you can recycle your old clothes into something new!

So, if you’re not subscribed to Rydel’s YouTube channel yet, you know what you have to do! Click on the video below to head to her channel!

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