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12 Things We Learned From Sofia Carson’s “A Cinderella Story” Live Tweets


12 Things We Learned From Sofia Carson’s “A Cinderella Story” Live Tweets

Have you seen the movie yet?

Sofia Carson’s new movie “A Cinderella Story” premiered on Freeform this weekend and luckily for all of us, the Descendants star tweeted through the whole thing! 

You might have missed it and instead of going back through all of Sofia’s tweets and replies to fans, let us show you the highlights. Here’s what we learned from her live tweet sesh: 

1. The movie was directed by a woman which is so awesome and Sofia really connected with her. Congrats Michelle Johnston!

2. Sofia will cherish this beautiful scene and moment forever. It’s incredible! She really looks like a princess.

3. One of her favorite lines is “I’ll waddle out somehow…” LOL!

4. She’s clumsy!

5. The crew almost couldn’t hold back laughter during the scene with the clunking noise.

6. The line about sweeping the room was improvised.

7. She LOVED the wardrobe in the movie!

8. “Do You” was one of her favorite musical numbers from the movie.

9. And one of her favorite lines was this one from the fairy godmother.

10. Here’s a shot from the first time she sang “Why Don’t I” during filming.

11. Here’s a pic from when they shot the opening number!

12. Sofia was so inspired by her character and she wants you to be as well.

Have you seen the movie yet? Tell us what you think on Twitter @YSBnow!

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