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16 Reasons Why Isabela Moner Deserves the Best Sweet 16 Ever


16 Reasons Why Isabela Moner Deserves the Best Sweet 16 Ever

Happy birthday, Isabela!

Today is a milestone occasion for actress and singer Isabela Moner: It’s the star’s Sweet 16! From her days on Nickelodeon to her blockbuster movie projects, Isabela is enjoying one incredible journey. But through it all, she’s managed to stay grounded, develop close relationships with her friend and co-stars, and always gives back to those who’ve supported her along the way.

So, to celebrate her big day, we’re rounding up 16 examples of why Isabela is just an awesome person – and therefore deserving of the best Sweet 16 ever!

1. She’s so smart! Isabela got accepted into college at age 15 — something she never dreamed she could do working on so many projects.

“I really hope all of you realize how important it is to be smart rather than a movie star,” she said. “I can’t wait to start working towards that degree.” YAS!

2. She gives back! When she recently chopped her hair for a movie role, she dedicated her length to Wigs for Kids.

3. She celebrates others! Isabela hosted an epic Quinceañera party for a deserving teen — and made sure to make it extra special for her (we were there!)

4. She’s inspiring! Isabela won an Imagen Award for her work in “100 Things To Do Before High School,” and shared that she was proud to be a positive inspiration for Latina girls who look up to her.

5. She’s powerful! To get ready for her action-packed role in “Transformers 5,” Bela turned into QUITE the boxer. Her workout routine is seriously inspiring.

6. She faces her fears! Isabela once shared that one of her biggest fears is performing her songs for others, and you all know she’s blessed us with great music.

7. She’s a bold fashionista! How could you *not* be inspired by someone who takes big risks with their personal expression?

8. She stands up for what she believes in! And she voices her thoughts in an elegant way.

9. She goes to great lengths for her fans! Isabela appreciates everyone who supports her and is helping her follow her dreams.

10. When Isabela’s BFFs accomplish big things, she’s so proud of them. “This dude and I were just two kids who started on broadway, doing cabaret shows at small venues in NYC,” she captioned the photo below. “I’m so proud!!!”

11. She’s all about girl power! Bela encourages all girls to lift one another up and celebrate their differences.

12. She’s super close with her family! To Isabela, her family is everything.

13. She shares the best behind-the-scenes pics from her projects! Can you imagine a birthday party on set of “Transformers”? Or the cast snapping Snapchat filter selfies together? The cast clearly loves Isabela.

14. She is loyal to her squads! From her friends to her co-stars, Isabela makes lasting connections with the people she encounters.

15. She never stops growing! Isabela is always ready and willing to learn more and grow. For example, she once said though she can play music a little, she won’t be happy until she’s Ed Sheeran level on the guitar.

16. She’s humble! Despite all of the incredible projects and accomplishments under Isabela’s belt, she remembers where she came from.

BONUS: She does the BEST impressions! Watch below. We love you, Isabela! Happy birthday!

Story by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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