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16 Reasons Why Joshua Rush Deserves the Best 16th B-Day Ever


16 Reasons Why Joshua Rush Deserves the Best 16th B-Day Ever

Happy Birthday to the “Andi Mack” star!

While we loved seeing Joshua Rush in previous projects like The Lion Guard and Parental Guidance, it wasn’t until his starring role on Andi Mack that we really got to know the Texas native. His hilarious portrayal of Cyrus took a heartwarming (and important) turn in Season 2 of the hit Disney Channel series, and we think Joshua deserves all of the acting accolades in the world! And since today’s his 16th birthday, we also think he deserves to have the best day ever.

Here are 16 reasons why we adore you, Joshua!

1. He’s ALWAYS been hilarious:

2. He’s multi-talented:


3. He loves his fans and is always re-posting awesome fan art:

4. While Cyrus is the role that launched him to superstardom, Joshua’s been honing his talents for years. He even played Little Sylar on “Heroes”

5. He’s super relatable:

6. He’s honored to play Disney Channel’s first gay character. “Starting conversations about trust, love, relationships and family dynamics is easier when you have a show that you can relate to,” he shared.

7. When he’s not working on the show, he’s giving back. Did you know he reads to students every week? “Not only does reading help me in my job and keep my brain fresh, but it can be so fun to be transported to another world by a book,” he says.

8. He gives amazing advice. “It’s important to be yourself, no matter what,” he says. “That’s the core thing for me, whether it involves talking to your friends or talking to your family, it’s always important to be inclusive and love everyone.”

9. He loves blue icees as much as we do.

10. He has a Tumblr and it’s lit. “I feel like Tumblr fits my sarcastic dark humor a little better than my audience on Instagram or Twitter,” he writes.

11. He dishes the best #WednesdayWisdom:

12. And #MondayMotivation:

13. He’s basically us every Friday:

14. He believes in practicing kindness:

15. Instead of birthday presents, he’s asking his friends, family, and fans to donate to UNICEF. “They’re an amazing organization run by the UN, and they provide lifesaving care and aid to kids around the world who need it most,” he says.

16. Joshua is just the best. Happy birthday, bro-ski!

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