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17 Reasons We LOVE Carson Lueders


17 Reasons We LOVE Carson Lueders

The superstar turns 17 today!

Today, Carson Lueders turns 17 years old and we can’t be more excited to celebrate one of our favorite guys! Fun fact: we first met Carson in 2013 in NYC, so it’s been really amazing to watch him grow over the years. To celebrate Carson’s big 1-7 we put together 17 reasons we love Carson! 

#1: He always puts a new spin on our favorite songs when he releases a cover.

#2: He’s always working hard on new music for his fans.

#3: He’s adventurous and always down to try something new!

#4: He makes sure to make time for his family when he’s not busy filming or performing!

#5: Does his adorable dog Louie Lueders count as a reason? We think so.

#6: He’s got some EPIC dance moves!

#7: He even taught us some of his moves once! Do you think it’s time for an updated version of this video?

#8: He’s consistently been releasing music and making his fans happy for years! Check out this throwback of tiny Carson:

#9: His relationship with his fans is so special!

#10: He’s HILARIOUS.

#11: He’s athletic! We’ve seen him tear up the b-ball court!

#12: His style is always on point!

#13: He’s a great actor! He’s always making us laugh as Ace on Chicken Girls!

#14: He has a beautiful voice!

#15: His first YSBnow cover story was so inspiring!

#16: He’s a good friend to everyone.

#17: He’s always inspiring us to work hard, chase our dreams, and believe in ourselves. Watch our most recent cover story with Carson from this summer:

Happy birthday, Carson! Thanks for being one of the coolest kids around!

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