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Show Review: Steffan Argus’ Acoustic Show In NYC


Show Review: Steffan Argus’ Acoustic Show In NYC

Team YSBnow was blown away by the singer’s latest performance!

When you think of your favorite singer, band, or musician, what are the qualities about them that come to mind? Is it the special way you feel when you hear them perform, or the lyrics that really speak to your soul? Or maybe that they are just a really awesome person that you are proud to support? For Steffan Argus fans, you know that he brings to life all of the above.

The YSBnow fam journeyed to downtown NYC last night to hear Steffan’s spur-of-the moment acoustic show. The star hit the stage with his ukelele and loop pedal, and proceeded to put on a completely magical performance.

For his set, Steffan worked in some improv elements, experimenting with his sound while performing a mix of covers and original work. He even debuted some brand new songs he’s been working on, and hung out after the show with his fans from the audience, proving he’s just the nicest guy around.

We can’t wait for everyone to hear his new songs, as soon as he releases his upcoming album!

You can catch a clip from his live performance below:

To get to know Steffan even better, be sure to get caught up with his recent exclusive YSBnow cover story below:

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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