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5 Beauty Products To Put In Your Backpack For Back To School


5 Beauty Products To Put In Your Backpack For Back To School

#3 will save your skin!

It’s almost time to head back to school and that means that now is a good time to get prepared! Setting up what you’re going to keep in your backpack every day is an important step in getting ready to kill it in your classes! 

Here are five things you can keep in your bag that will save your skin and keep you hydrated and glowing throughout even the toughest of school days!


#1- Chapstick! Chapped lips can be painful, distracting, and annoying, so keeping something to hydrate your lips in your bag is a great idea! We love Baby Lips by Maybelline and so do your fave stars!

#2- A water bottle in your backpack is a perfect way to make sure you’re drinking enough water! Staying hydrated is one of the most important things, especially during a long day at school! Here’s an affordable one from Target:

#3 – Sunscreen! Even when you’re just walking outside for a few minutes or the sun isn’t shining, your skin needs to be protected! Wear your sunscreen every day and thank us in 20 years when your skin is still amazing!

#4 – Travel sized deodorant will be your lifesaver! Sometimes we need a little refresh in the afternoon and having a mini deodorant in your bag will get the job done!

#5 – Face wipes – these might seem a little extra, but sometimes you need to wash your face midday and having a package of cleansing wipes can take your day from sweaty to glowy in a matter of seconds!

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