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5 Things We Want To See From Lucy Hale’s New Show “Life Sentence”


5 Things We Want To See From Lucy Hale’s New Show “Life Sentence”

It premieres tonight only on The CW!

It’s been almost a year since our favorite show “Pretty Little Liars” aired its series finale and we’ve definitely been trying to fill a PLL sized hole in our hearts ever since. But luckily for all of us, Lucy Hale is back on our screens tonight! Lucy has taken on a more mature role (although PLL definitely wasn’t a sugar coated show at all), and this time she’s playing a cancer patient who finds out she’s actually not sick!

We know Lucy has the acting chops to play this part and we can’t wait to see her as a new character in this show. Here are 5 things we’re hoping to see from “Life Sentence” on The CW:

1. Lucy sending/receiving a text, you know, just to give us a little nod to the PLL days.

2. Lucy kill it in some more dramatic scenes! She was always amazing in the more intense PLL moments.

3. Some heartwarming moments! This show looks like it’s full of challenges and ups and downs and we can’t wait to happy-cry our way through the season.

4. Fashion! Lucy’s PLL character Aria had the BEST fashion sense and we hope her new character delivers some more iconic moments for Lucy’s style game.

5. A brand new fandom for Lucy! PLL sky rocketed Lucy into superstardom and we can’t for her old fans to love the show, but we’re also excited to see her gain some new support from viewers who didn’t watch PLL.

Congrats, Lucy! Check out a first look at “Life Sentence” now:

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