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5 YouTubers Reveal How They Got Rid Of Their Acne


5 YouTubers Reveal How They Got Rid Of Their Acne

Bye bye, blemishes!

Is it too dramatic to say that acne is one of the worst things that can happen to a teenager? There’s literally nothing good about it! It’s not cute, it makes our skin dry or super oily, and it can hurt sometimes! But if you suffer from breakouts, just know that you’re not alone. Some people were blessed with great skin and few blemishes and then some of us aren’t so lucky and have to deal with multiple breakouts on the daily.

It might seem like the word “YouTuber” has become synonymous with “celebrity” these days, but the reality of it is that these are just kids in front of their computers sharing their stories. They’re real people with real acne, just like you! Here are five YouTubers who are sharing their stories of clearing up their skin and some of them might be able to help you clear up yours!

1. Maddi Bragg

2. Joey Graceffa

3. Merrell Twins

4. CutieCaryn

5. Niki DeMartino

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