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6 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For “Black Lightning” Tonight!


6 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For “Black Lightning” Tonight!

The history-making series premieres on The CW at 9 PM

Tonight’s the big night: the hotly-anticipated new series Black Lightning – starring Cress Williams, Nafessa Williams, and China McClain, premieres on The CW! The action-packed show is based off of the DC Comics character, and is bound to keep us on the edge of our seats right from the start. 
See 6 reasons why we can’t wait for Black Lightning:

1. Superheroes tend to be loners, developing their powers on their own, but in “Black Lightning,” we will see the hero’s daughters develop powers of their own!

2. Speaking of power: GIRL POWER! China McClain’s Jennifer and Nafessa Williams’ Anissa are strong, empowered characters that are sure to inspire millions of girls all over the world.

3. We want to hear an untold story. We love that this series centers around a character who, until now, has been living in the Marvel shadows. He’s not a sidekick or secondary storyline – his family’s story is taking over.

4. The series is making history – it’s the first black superhero series on network television.

5. Real life issues are going to be tackled. The story isn’t just about fictional villains: we will see how the superhero fam reacts to big issues like police violence, racism, and crime.

6. The show will teach us how important it is to step up.

The backstory is that Black Lightning retired from his superhero responsibilities and has been living as Jefferson, a high school principal raising two daughters and keeping his electricity powers a secret.

But it soon becomes clear that his talents are needed and he decides to kick back into gear, reminding us how important it is to step up and speak out when we are given the opportunity to do so.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Black Lightning,” tonight at 9 PM on The CW!

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