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#6YearsOfTheVamps: Inside the Brit Band’s Rise to Superstardom


#6YearsOfTheVamps: Inside the Brit Band’s Rise to Superstardom

2,190 days with Brad, James, Connor, & Tristan

On August 3, 2012, a trio of unknown teens in England posted *this* cover to YouTube:


While that video has just over one million views, the band has amassed over 156 million views over the past six years, completing countless world tours and becoming international superstars. Let’s take a look at their journey!

It started when James McVey, who was pursuing a career as a solo artist, decided he wanted to be in a band. He found Brad and Tristan via YouTube and the trio immediately formed an unbreakable bond.

Then, they started uploading covers of their fave songs!

But the one thing they were missing was a bassist. Enter Connor Ball!

As a quartet, their sound soared to another level:

And soon enough, it was time to release original music, like “Wild Heart” and “Can We Dance.”

The Vamps attracted an international fan base, and started touring all over the world! They even collabed with major icons like Demi Lovato:

And Shawn Mendes, who remains a close friend:

But The Vamps’ third studio album marked a new and elevated sound for the road warriors. You can especially hear it in the lead single “All Night.”

Over the past two years, the band has continued to tour endlessly, steadily amassing a devoted fan base. Their latest single, “Just My Type” has over 11 million views in less than a month:

And we’re so excited that they’ll be returning to the U.S. for a Fall tour!

So today, we celebrate not only #6YearsOfTheVamps, but six years of hard work, 2,190 days of musicianship, and 4 guys who deserve all of their continued success! Congratulations to Brad, Tristan, Connor, & James!

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