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#FitnessFriday: Kira Kosarin Shares Her Wellness Journey & Top Tips


#FitnessFriday: Kira Kosarin Shares Her Wellness Journey & Top Tips

“When you’re focusing on cardio, you can’t think about all the things in the world that you’re stressed about”

For almost six years, Kira Kosarin had onscreen superpowers as Phoebe on Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans. But off-screen, Kira’s got super strength – both inside and out – and over the years, she’s bravely shared her wellness journey with us.

Let’s take a look at her top tips!

1. Remember that staying healthy is all about balance. “It’s deciding the days when you need to tell your friends, ‘I can’t hang out, I need to go on the treadmill for an hour for my own mental sanity,'” she explains.

“Or deciding when to say, ‘I’m gonna give my body a break and go hang out with my friends.'”

Of course, you can also exercise *with* your friends!

2. Find and follow different Instagram accounts that focus on healthy eating and exercise. You can even create your own fitness Insta account like Kira did! “I kind of wanted to have a place that I could go where that was all isolated,” she explains.

3. It’s totally normal to have junk food once in a while, but take note of how your body feels after eating processed foods vs. whole foods:

4. Vary up your workouts to keep exercise a fun part of your day! “I get really, really bored if I do the same thing over and over,” says Kira. “So I’m always trying to find new ways to work out.”

5. Remember that fitness is a journey to be enjoyed, not a sprint to the finish line. “Enjoy the journey of discovering new ways to be fit and healthy and new recipes and foods, instead of focusing on that goal weight on the scale,” says Kira.

BONUS: Check out this vid of Kira at the gym for some fitness inspiration!

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