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7 TV Reboots That Need To Happen!


7 TV Reboots That Need To Happen!

Our hearts won’t go on until these shows come back.

Within the past few years, we got a reboot of Boy Meets World, Full House, Gilmore Girls, and we are getting one of That’s So Raven! But we can’t help but think of all the other shows we want to see in modern time, so we put together a list!

1. “Lizzie McGuire” was amazing on every single level. We all wanted to be Lizzie, have our own Ethan Craft to crush on, and have besties like Miranda and Gordo. Plus, this show had some of the most quotable lines ever.

2. We already got a spin-off for the “Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” but it just wasn’t enough! Ashley ran into the Sprouse twins and wrote on social media that she loves seeing them, so fingers crossed!!

And we definitely want to see what Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez is up to!

3. Without a doubt, Carly, Freddie, and Sam are our fave internet sensations! Not going to lie, we definitely wanted to start out our own web show because of “iCarly.” We hope that the gang is still random dancing wherever they are.

4. When Dan Schneider posted the 10 year update of the time capsule, our dreams had come true! Even though we never got to see Chase confront Zoey with his feelings, the video ended with “to be continued…?” So, yes, we still have hope for a reboot.

5. HUG ME BROTHA! We have so much love for “Drake & Josh” and Josh Peck even told “MTV” that he would love to do a reunion special, “I would be down! I think people are always sort of begging for some sixth season of Drake & Josh.”

6. When Selena Gomez posted videos of her telling her on-screen bro David Henrie that, “We should do a reunion,” we were definitely freaking out!! We hope Jake T. Austin will be up for it too!

7. Let’s get real, “Victorious” was extremely amazing! Not only was the show extremely hilarious and the cast was super talented, but the theme song was VICTORIOUS! We just love it so much. We want everything about that show to come back.

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