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Transformation Tuesday: Nat Wolff Is A Major Movie Star Now


Transformation Tuesday: Nat Wolff Is A Major Movie Star Now

See the talented actor when he was just a kid on Nickelodeon!

Nat Wolff just landed a role alongside James Franco and Selena Gomez in a new film, but the long-time actor has come a long way since he starred in “The Naked Brothers Band” – a show about two brothers navigating school and being in a band. 

It all started with “The Naked Brothers Band”, a TV show and movie starring Nat and his brother, Alex.

They were full on rockstars! These guys toured under the name, had three seasons of their show, and multiple hits from the soundtrack.

Then in 2009, Nat starred alongside Jane Lynch and George Lopez in “Mr. Troop Mom”. Watch the trailer here:

As Nat and his brother Alex got older, they started really pursuing music. Check out this epic cover of Kesha’s Tik-Tok:

Then they dropped an album called Black Sheep with this song that Nat sings:

Nat started landing roles in huge movies like “New Year’s Eve” and “Admission” before scoring “Palo Alto”. Nat’s portrayal of a troubled teen in the movie put him on the map as a serious actor.

Then came “The Fault In Our Stars” AKA the movie that swept the nation in 2014. Nat’s character Isaac became a fan favorite and quickly gained him an even bigger fanbase.

Then Nat landed a role opposite Selena Gomez in the 2014 film “Behaving Badly.”

After more movies like “Ashby” starring Nat and Emma Roberts, Nat did “Paper Towns”, also a film based on a John Green novel like “The Fault In Our Stars” was.

Now Nat is starring alongside Selena again in James Franco’s “In Dubious Battle” in theaters now.

We can’t wait to see what Nat does next. Are you a Nat Wolff fan? Let us know!

And if you’re in the NYC area next month, don’t forget to check out Nat and his brother Alex LIVE at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City.

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