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8 Songs You Had No Idea Were Written By A Different Artist


8 Songs You Had No Idea Were Written By A Different Artist

Do you ever hear a song on the radio and wonder if it was written by the person singing it or not? Sometimes the artist performing is also the one who penned the lyrics, but a lot of the time there were writers brought in to help. And then sometimes a famous musician will write a song and just give it away to another musician for various reasons.

Here are eight songs we had no idea were written by other artists we love!

1. Meghan Trainor wrote Jennifer Lopez’s “Aint Your Mama” last year. We think it’s a perfect fit!

2. Meghan has written a ton of songs for other artists but one of our all time faves is Sabrina Carpenter’s “Can’t Blame a Girl For Trying”

3. Sia has written so many songs for other artists – and you know them well! She wrote two tracks on Carly Rae Jepsen’s latest full length album.

4. Kesha wrote Miranda Cosgrove’s 2010 hit “Disgusting” originally for her own album but gave it to Miranda when it didn’t make the cut.

5. You know One Direction’s swoon-worthy song “Little Things” from 2012? Yeah, that was written by Ed Sheeran. Here he is singing it:

6. America’s theme song “Party In The USA” might have been made famous by Miley Cyrus but it was written by….Jessie J!

7. Lastly, as of today we’ve learned that it was actually Taylor Swift who wrote Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s newest hit “This Is What You Came For” and even sang a little on the chorus!

Did any of these surprise you? Let us know in the comments!

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