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Which Celebs Can’t Get Enough of These Chain Restaurants?


Which Celebs Can’t Get Enough of These Chain Restaurants?

Find out where your fav stars like to eat!

Without a doubt, everybody loves fast food! Whether your go-to are burgers or burritos, there’s something out there for everyone. Even your favorite celebrities have a favorite chain where they like to grab a bite to eat! 

We’ve rounded up a list of six celebrities that love fast food just as much (or maybe more!) than you do. Check it out! 

Singer Johnny Orlando is definitely not shy about his obsession with Chipotle!

Whenever she’s in California, you can bet that R5 member Rydel Lynch will stop by In-N-Out for a burger!

Our new obsession Frankie loves her french fries! We’re talking about the food of course, but she also just happens to call her fans “Frankie Fries” – so cute!

Justin Timberlake loves Taco Bell so much that he and his squad took over a location after the People’s Choice Awards in 2013!

Now that Shake Shack has come to California, model Chrissy Teigen is officially a fan!

Actress Emma Roberts like to settle down with Starbucks and a good book just as much as we do!

Just like Rydel and literally everybody else in the world, Jace Norman loves In-N-Out!

What’s your favorite fast food chain? Tweet at us and let us know!

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