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8 Things You’ll Learn About Maddie Ziegler From Her New Book


8 Things You’ll Learn About Maddie Ziegler From Her New Book

“The Maddie Diaries” is in stores now!

At only 14-years-old, Maddie Zielger has already starred in a reality show, designed a clothing line, judged a reality competition show, racked up over 1 billion music video views and now published her very own memoir! In “The Maddie Diaries,” she dishes on her experience on Dance Moms and offers advice to other teens and young dancers.

Are you excited to read Maddie’s book? Here’s a sneak peek of 8 things you can expect to learn about her from it!

1. She loves to draw and paint. The book is actually full of Maddie’s own doodles and artwork!

2. She’s terrible at sports. “I can’t throw a ball to save my life,” says Maddie.

3. She considers Sia her greatest inspiration. According to Maddie, being in the Chandelier video taught her embrace her flaws in dance and life.

4. She loves being comfy. Her favorite outfit definitely includes sweat pants. (That’s why her clothing line, Maddie Style, encourages us to dress freely and “wear what moves you.”)

5. She’s been a massive Zac Efron fan since she saw High School Musical when she was 5-years-old.

6. She was a really bad dancer when she first started at 2-years-old. By working hard and taking on extra training, though, she was able to become the star she is today!

7. She made her acting debut in The Book of Henry, coming out this Summer 2017.  She was the only cast member who had never done a movie before!

8. Her life motto is “Why not?” – Why not try something new? Why not step outside your comfort zone? Taking risks and challenging yourself is the only way you’ll grow.

Congratulations, Maddie. As always, thanks for inspiring us!

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