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#BFFriday: How Can We Join This Epic Girl Squad?


#BFFriday: How Can We Join This Epic Girl Squad?

Get you a girl squad who can do both.

If you guys follow Rydel on social media, then you know all about her best friends! She’s always hanging with Savannah, Courtney, Alexa, and Sav Hudson, and we love that they’re all such an awesome example of what it means to be a best friend. 

Friends can be hard to find, so making sure that you have a solid group who will laugh with you, cry with you, bake with you, and just be there for you is super important and it really makes everything better.

Here’s why we think this girl group is the real deal. 

They have matching jackets.

Girls that plant succulents together, stay together! Having something like that to remind you of your BFFs every day is so cute.

#GirlSquad sandwich + Rydel’s tea party?! Goals. Goals. Goals.

They know how to dress up and dance it out! Sometimes all you can do is dance it out.

These ladies are basically inseparable!

They even celebrate the holidays together, because they’re more than just BFFs, they’re family.

Rydel said it perfectly when she said, “squad in the kitchen!”

When Riker was on DWTS, the gal pals came to support! How cute!

They even had a pizza party and answered a Q+A for the R5 Family!

We love these ladies and we love that they know what it means to be a true friend.

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