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8 Times 5H’s Ally Absolutely Inspired Us


8 Times 5H’s Ally Absolutely Inspired Us

The pint-sized powerhouse could totally be a motivational speaker!

From her incredible vocals to fierce dance moves, there’s nothing we don’t adore about Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke Hernandez. She’s a total boss in everything she does, but what really touches our hearts is who she is as a person. The Texas native is a strong, caring, intelligent woman who uses her celeb platform to uplift others.

Here are eight times Ally completely inspired us on social media:

1. When she reminded us that we are strong & fierce!

2. When she told us that we all have the power to make a difference:

3. When she opened up about being born premature, at less than two lbs., to help raise awareness and funds for March of Dimes:

4. When she reminded us to stay strong:

5. And told us we are FIERCE!

6. When she chose to spend a rare day off with pediatric patients:

7. And spearheaded a holiday toy drive:

8. And finally, when she shared these hopeful words.

We love you, Ally!

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