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9 Things We Want To Happen When Chloe Lukasiak Returns To “Dance Moms”


9 Things We Want To Happen When Chloe Lukasiak Returns To “Dance Moms”

Welcome back Chloe and Christi!

This is NOT a drill! Chloe Lukasiak is returning to Dance Moms.

Tonight, during the Season 7 finale of the show, Chloe and her mom Christi will once again make all of our reality television dreams come true. It’s been 3 years since the Lukasiaks left the Abby Lee Dance Company, and we’ve been missing them on-screen ever since!

We cannot wait! Can you? Here are 9 things we’re hoping will happen in tonight’s episode. 

1. A happy team reunion:

2. Christi (AKA the Queen of sass) making us laugh again.

3. A little bit of drama. It wouldn’t be “Dance Moms” without it, amiright?

4. Adorable mother-daughter moments between Christi and Chloe.

5. The girls wearing gorgeous performance costumes.

6. A trip down memory lane. This could be the series’ last episode, and that should be acknowledged!

7. Mention of the other original girls: Maddie, Mackenzie, Paige and Brooke.

8. A win. We want the ALDC to take home another national title!

9. And, of course, we want to see some GOOD. QUALITY. DANCING. Duh!

What are YOU hoping will happen tonight? Tweet us @YSBnow!

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