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9 Times Lennon & Maisy Were #SisterGoals


9 Times Lennon & Maisy Were #SisterGoals

The “Nashville” stars’ sisterhood is even stronger IRL

By Molly Thomson

Playing sisters on Nashville has never been a challenge for biological sisters and insanely talented singers Lennon and Maisy Stella. And while their characters may bicker and struggle onscreen, the real-life singing duo has nothing but love, awe and respect for one another.

Here are a few of the times we saw their sisterly bond shine:


1. When they revealed that they help each other remember their lines. “When I forget my line, Lennon helps me out,” Maisy told POPSUGAR.

2. How they hated when their characters were mean to each other on the show:

3. When they gave back together and volunteered with the Ronald McDonald House:

4. When they didn’t know how to respond to a prank:

5. When they posed on the red carpet together:

6. And casually hit the runway together:

7. When they started working on “Nashville” at the very beginning:

8. Every single time they harmonized together:

9. When Lennon shut down any rumor of them splitting (like they did on the show), saying: “I much prefer singing with Maisy to singing alone.”

10. And finally, when they were the most adorable sisters to ever use the puppy filter on Snapchat:

Season 5 of “Nashville” will premiere January 5, 2017 on CMT! In the meantime, you can watch the first four seasons on hulu!

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