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A Ton of Your Favorite Stars Supported Harry Styles’ LA Tour Stop


A Ton of Your Favorite Stars Supported Harry Styles’ LA Tour Stop

RED ALERT: Niall stopped by!

If you had any difficulty getting your hands on tickets for Harry Styles’ US tour dates, you may feel a little bit comforted now. It’s not only that zillions of his fans were trying to purchase tickets for his intimate show venues (AKA, never enough seats!), but tons of his celebrity friends and supporters wanted in on his Los Angeles show, which just happened last night!

Stars like Sabrina Carpenter, Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd, and YES, Niall Horan (!!!) all stopped by The Greek Theatre to hear some “Sweet Creature” and “Sign of the Times.”

First of all, some fans got videos of Niall enjoying Harry’s set, and we are forever grateful.

We so wish that Niall and Harry got photos together, but we can’t be TOO picky now.

Emma, Billie, and their friend DID snag some perfect group pics with Harry though.

There was a “Girl Meets World” reunion at the show as Danielle Fishel went with Sabrina and Sarah Carpenter!

Sabrina posted a wonderful video of Harry performing “Woman,” and we feel like we were there!

Her friends all thought it was special to be able to see Harry’s second tour stop!

(And we also think it’s special so many fans grabbed selfies with Sabrina at the show!)

Sarah also posted a video of Harry’s “Ever Since New York” performance.

Fans also spotted Jordyn Jones at the show.

We’re going to need WAY more photographic evidence of course, but fans also reported seeing Shania Twain, Adele, Candace Cameron, Cindy Crawford, and more stars at Harry’s tour too.

What an incredible guest list! We’re sure they were all as thoroughly impressed with Harry’s set as the rest of his fans!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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