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Ariana Grande Fans Thank the Singer for Bringing People Together During the Dangerous Woman Tour


Ariana Grande Fans Thank the Singer for Bringing People Together During the Dangerous Woman Tour

Post tour finale, #ThankYouAriana trended on Twitter.

Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour has made headlines all over the world since first kicking off in February 2017 — for both the best and the worst reasons imaginable. The best, because the singer and her wonderful supporting acts Victoria Monét and Little Mix, put on some of the most epic performances of their lives during their international stops. And for the worst, as we will never forget the terrible, awful attack that occurred at her Manchester, United Kingdom stop, claiming the lives of innocent fans.

After the tour wrapped September 21 in Hong Kong, fans across the globe took to Twitter to share their favorite photos, videos, memories, and stories from the concert series, using #ThankYouAriana, and also comment on just how brave and inspiring Ari was for continuing her tour.

First up was Ariana herself, who thanked her listeners for making this tour what it was.

Then came an outpouring of love and support from fans who considered the concert to be more than just a show.

This was truly an unforgettable era in Ariana’s career.

Words like “magical” came to fans’ minds.

And despite a horrible tragedy happening along the way, fans have taken away the important message that love will always win over hate.

Plus, Ariana fulfilled the inspiring words that she shared during concert talks — where she encouraged listeners to be themselves and feel empowered.

Ariana’s tour brought so many people together, in a variety of ways.

Her “One Love Manchester” benefit proved it in a bittersweet but forever memorable way.

Clearly everyone who experienced this tour in some way was affected by Ariana’s performances, and these messages make for a beautiful send-off.

We can’t wait until we see what’s next for the star. Until then, Thank You Ariana!

Written by Kristine Hope Kowalski

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