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After An In-Flight Incident, Juliet Simms Penned This Prolific & Heartfelt Message


After An In-Flight Incident, Juliet Simms Penned This Prolific & Heartfelt Message

“I rarely drink, I cannot handle it, & when I do, I turn into someone I am not”

Andy Biersack, lead singer of Black Veil Brides, and Juliet Simms, who catapulted to fame during Season 2 of The Voice, are legit rock royalty. Although they’ve only become known in mainstream music during the past few years, both have been professional musicians since their teens. After being in a relationship for several years, the couple tied the knot in April, and they’re pretty much the cutest.

Aside from being insanely talented musicians, Andy and Juliet are two of the nicest and most inspirational artists in the industry. In fact, Andy was the first celeb we ever interviewed for YSBnow!

So when we saw that Juliet was involved in an incident during the couple’s flight back from Charlotte on Sunday night, we were like, “OMG!” – and not in an annoyingly gossipy way, but in a genuinely concerned way.

Rather than ignoring the situation altogether or releasing a carefully-crafted PR statement, Juliet did something incredible. She posted this photo of the couple’s intertwined hands to Instagram, along with the following caption:

Spending my teenage years on the road and recording away from home from age 17, I learned a LOT more about the world than a young girl should .Many of U do not know much about my career pre The Voice or ever meeting my beloved husband, Andy. I mention this now as a caution to the young, talented ppl out there who think they are immune to the effects of drugs/alcohol. To some young people drinking is funny, no big deal or regarded as cool.But alcohol is potentially life ruining, and can even be deadly if you drink too much, drink on an empty stomach or at high altitudes like I did.Girls, the smaller you are the faster the effect.That’s why I rarely drink, I cannot handle it, and when I do, I turn into someone I am not.This may not be true for everyone but it is for me and for many of my peers in the music industry who have bravely and completely quit after years of struggle.So, I apologize to my husband for what I did and said and for upsetting anyone who was caught up in this.Those of you very loving and caring fans,we thank you for all of your loyal support and kindness.We really love you and appreciate you sticking your necks out for us even on a bad day.There’s so much to this story and so much history involved it’s not easily understood,unless you were us. I really did not intend for our misfortune on the baby making subject to be aired in the way it was, but we are young and healthy, and are told this happens so are happily looking forward to the future with children.I do ask for people not to fill in the holes when they hear partial stories, so want to own up to the fact that I’ve got demons I face time to time and it’s something Im quiet about because I’ve always wanted to be strong for the people in my life and the people I set an example for. I truly regret my weakness and letting it get the best of me for the world 2 see. I am human but this was a poor display of who I truly am, my heart and what I have to offer. Falling down does not define me, it’s how I stand back up. I vow to move forward in a happy/healthy way and learn from this.From the very bottom of my heart, I am sorry. Spending Halloween with my loving husband and our animals. Love you all

Juliet’s heartfelt words are so important – not only because she informs us about the dangers of alcohol, but also because she reminds us why we should never judge anyone else. Whether it’s someone at school, or a celebrity on social media, you truly never know what someone might be struggling with in their personal life. 

Below, watch YSBnow’s first-ever interview, where Andy talks about why it’s so important to never judge others. Stay strong, Juliet and Andy – You’re So Beautiful Now! 

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