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ALESSIA EXCLUSIVE: “Never think you have to change”


ALESSIA EXCLUSIVE: “Never think you have to change”

The “Scars To Your Beautiful” Singer Shares Her Advice On Staying Strong & Confident

by Molly Thomson

We had the pleasure of chatting with 20-year-old Canadian slayer (I mean, singer) Alessia Cara at the Nickelodeon HALO Awards, and she had some amazing advice for both herself and her fans.

YSBnow: What advice would you give your younger self if you could go back?

AC: “I would say stop worrying so much. Stop worrying about what other people think, stop worrying about the future, stop worrying about the way you look and who you are and just chill out. You know?”

YSBnow: Absolutely. And what advice would you tell your fans who might be struggling with self-confidence?

AC: “First of all, I would say all of the things that I already said to my younger self.” (laughs) “I would say… never think you have to change. The world can start to change its perspective but you don’t have to change yourself. We can all start to be nicer to each other, and you need to just embrace all of your strange qualities. Use them to your advantage and make them empower you rather than bring you down.”

Not only does Alessia have the voice of an angel, but she is also so real and so inspiring. We can’t wait to see Moana and to hear what she does next!

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