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Amber Rose Has Lost Count Of How Many Famous Men Groped Her


Amber Rose Has Lost Count Of How Many Famous Men Groped Her

“Who’s actually going to believe me, you know?”

By: Emily J

Between the recent Taylor Swift scandal and the painful drama of the Kesha lawsuit, we’re learning a lot about the objectification of women in Hollywood – and Amber Rose is no exception.


On October 28th, Donald Trump’s comments about sexually assaulting women were brought up in Amber’s interview with Yahoo! Style. “I want him to get in trouble for it because I cannot even count how many times a famous guy touched me inappropriately,” Amber told interviewer, Joe Zee.


The reason that women don’t come forward with these kinds of stories is because they are scared no one will believe them. Amber then continued that women just “get over it” because they feel like there is no other option.


She then said: “Seriously. Imagine this: Donald Trump comes and touches me inappropriately, right? I’m a regular girl. Do I call 911? Do I get on Twitter and tweet about it? How should I go about letting people know that this guy did it to me and who’s actually going to believe me, you know what I’m saying? You just try to get over it, and it happens to so many women.”


With that idea in mind, Amber said that was one of the reasons why she created SlutWalk. SlutWalk is an event where people of all genders walk against slut shaming. By doing this, they are creating a safe space for women to talk about their sexual encounters and their sexuality. “People not understanding that women are sexual beings as well is the reason why I refer to myself as a slut,” she said. “It really just takes away the pain, takes away the bullying that we deal with as women.”


We love how Amber is using her voice to empower others. Watch the full interview down below!


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