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Ariel Winter Isn’t Ashamed Of Her Scars And It’s Awesome


Ariel Winter Isn’t Ashamed Of Her Scars And It’s Awesome

The Modern Family star continues to be a positive voice for her generation.

We’ve been a fan of Ariel since she started her TV career as young Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, but we really love the way she isn’t afraid to speak about what she believes in and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Whether it’s disagreeing with a popular social media star on his ignorant videos or talking about what’s right for young women, Ariel is a positive voice for her fans of all ages.

So when she showed up to the SAG Awards in this beautiful gown, everyone was like DAAAANG girl. But then some people started to comment on her scars. Ariel underwent breast reduction surgery last June, a common procedure for women who feel that their breasts are too large and therefore cause back pain and other health issues. When comments kept coming up about how she may have had a wardrobe malfunction because her scars were showing, she corrected commentors. It was no mistake, she’s fine with her scars, because they’re a part of her.


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