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SHERO ALERT: Lilly Singh Seriously Slays Us


SHERO ALERT: Lilly Singh Seriously Slays Us

5 Reasons Why She’s Our Superwoman


As a young girl growing up in Canada, Lilly Singh dreamed of one day being an actress or rapper.  But when it came to enter university, she followed her parents wishes and studied Psychology rather than the performing arts. However, during her third year of college, the now 27-year-old began struggling with depression. One day, she bravely decided to start posting YouTube videos and couldn’t believe the tremendous outpouring of support from all over the world.

Soon enough, Lilly found her happy place (or as she calls it, Unicorn Island!) and her childhood dreams of being a performer were reignited. The Superwoman ring that she wore as a child soon became her mission, her motto and her moniker, and the hilarious and inspiring dynamo now has over ONE BILLION YouTube views! See what can happen when you follow your heart and are unafraid to bare your soul?

Here are five reasons we love Lilly!

5. Her #GirlLove campaign is spreading positivity & encouraging girls to support each other! Every dollar earned from the below video goes straight to the Malala Fund (

4. She’s just hilarious. In this vid, she pretends to be her parents reacting to Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.”

3. She actively works to end the stigma that can surround depression. “Fighting for happiness is the hardest thing you’ll ever fight for,” she says. “But it’s the only thing worth fighting for.”

2. She’s got a tremendously dope and unique personal style full of graphic tees and hats! “I’m just gonna wear what makes me happy,” she says.

1. She’s fearless. Following her dreams? Sharing her struggles? Check out this video from 2011, when she celebrated achieving 1000 subscribers. She now has nearly EIGHT MILLION! Dream big!

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