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#AwwAlert: See Which Stars Wished Hayden Summerall a Happy Birthday!


#AwwAlert: See Which Stars Wished Hayden Summerall a Happy Birthday!

The “Chicken Girls” star turns 13 today

Hayden Summerall is celebrating his 13th birthday today and so are his celeb friends! You guys know that he’s BFFs with stars like Annie LeBlanc and Carson Lueders, so we rounded up all of the adorable birthday messages he got from the stars you love. 

First and foremost, his BFF Annie LeBlanc wrote the cutest message ever. Here’s what she captioned her Instagram pic: 

“Happy birthday Hayden ??
I’ve almost known you for a year. Sometimes I feel like we met yesterday and sometimes I feel like I’ve known you my whole life. Since we met you’ve always been there for me no matter what, even if sometimes you pay more attention to fortnite, but I love that you say you like me more than fortnite. Which is saying a lot because the whole world knows you’re addicted ?? anyways… Just In case you stopped paying attention to this post… Fortnite, fortnite, fortnite ?? now that you’re paying attention again I want to say how much you mean to me. You are the sweetest, most caring, and thoughtful boy i know. Im so happy that you came into my life because you make it so much brighter and I don’t know what I’d do without you. Thanks for everything you do for me, can’t wait to share more amazing moments with you. ????YOU’RE A TEENAGER, you silly goose. hope 13 is your best year yet -love Annie xoxo??”

See the pics:

Lauren Orlando also posted a sweet message complete with adorable throwback pics of the two of them!

Carson Lueders posted photos of them in tuxedos!

Hayden’s brother Dylan posted this sweet photo:

And wrote, “just wanted to say i’m proud of you and all your accomplishments and you have big plans in store, just don’t give up and never lose the dedication, love, passion, and light i know you’re filled with .. Keep doing ur thing ?? I love you”

Happy birthday, Hayden! We hope you’re having the greatest day ever!

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