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Karlie Kloss Is Hosting A Coding Camp For Girls


Karlie Kloss Is Hosting A Coding Camp For Girls

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Model Karlie Kloss never slows down – she has a show on Freeform, she’s an A list model, and now she’s taking on another exciting opportunity. Karlie has announced she’ll be hosting a series of coding camps for girls age 13-18 in the Chicago area. 

Karlie isn’t new to coding though! The model was inspired by a coding class she took in New York and created Kode With Klossy in 2015. The 2018 classes will be a part of that and you can apply through! 

Karlie spoke to The Chicago Tribune about the camp and why she’s excited to start coding with the girls. “There are so many really powerful ways that even just understanding how this technology is built can kind of change your perspective on what is possible,” Karlie says. 

Would you be interested in participating in Kode With Klossy? 

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