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BFFriday: 100 Reasons Jaheem Toombs and Isabela Moner Are Goals


BFFriday: 100 Reasons Jaheem Toombs and Isabela Moner Are Goals

Ok…maybe not 100 reasons…but we had to say it.

Ever since Isabela and Jaheem started working together on the set of their TV show 100 Things To Do Before High School, they were instant BFFs. We’ve seen these two grow up so much over the last few years and the thing we’re most excited about is how good of friends they’ve stayed. 

Two of our favorite interviews were when we had Isabela and Jaheem tell silly stories about one another.

Watch Isabela’s here

Wacth Jaheem’s here

Isabela clearly loved the dueling stories!

It was obvious they were best friends when they were always goofing around and being silly on set

Look at these adorable fetuses!

They were always all smiles with their cast mates

Look how adorable they were when they started the show…we can’t believe how much older they look now!

This looks like a hangout we definitely wish we had been invited to…we can bring our own onesies!

Imagine hitting the red carpet with these two!

Jaheem captioned this picture “Sibling day at Hogwarts” – SO CUTE

They went to Six Flags together which is definitely something you only do with your BFF so if you throw up on the ride or get scared they won’t judge you.

If this isn’t BEST FRIENDSHIP then i don’t know what is!

It was so sweet when Jaheem posted the flyer for Isabela’s show in Los Angeles and told everyone to come.

Jaheem captioned this photo ” This picture is our friendship?? Isabela I love you so much! And I’m so proud of you! I knew you would kill it it honestly was not a slight surprise! You are so talented! ???????????? I’m so lucky to have a sister like you!”

Friends who get food together, stay together

Who could forget when they hit up the ice cream booth at our launch party?

We can’t wait to see what these two do next – hopefully another project together soon!

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