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See 14 Reasons Why Maddie Ziegler Deserves The Best Birthday Ever!


See 14 Reasons Why Maddie Ziegler Deserves The Best Birthday Ever!

The iconic singer, dancer, designer, actress, novelist & all-around amazing person turns 14 today

(photo via Instagram)

Happy birthday, Maddie!

Let’s celebrate with 14 (of the 14 million) reasons why she deserves the best birthday ever:

1. Because she’s a multiple award-winning dancer:

2. Because she has her own clothing line *AT THE AGE OF 14*

3. Because she’s performed with some of the best dancers in the world:

4. Because she was our fave judge on “So You Think You Can Dance”

5. Because she worked so hard on the “Dance Moms” ALDC elite competition team:

6. Because she’s starring in a movie, “The Book Of Henry,” alongside Jacob Tremblay and Naomi Watts:

7. Because she’s fearless when it comes to taking creative risks in music videos:

8. Because she’s publishing a book next year:

9. Because she’s going on tour with Sia:

10. And because, aside from all that business stuff, she understands the importance of friends & family and always holds them close to her heart:

11. Because she absolutely loves and appreciates her fans, too:

12. And uses her celeb platform to give back:

13. Because she posts tons of inspo on social media:

14. And is a tremendously talented, unbelievably kind, and seriously sweet person:

Hope you have a great day, Madds!

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