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BFFriday: 7 Times Larsen and Luna Were Goals


BFFriday: 7 Times Larsen and Luna Were Goals

We love this friendship!

Dancer Larsen Thompson and actress Luna Blaise are two of our favorite young Hollywood starlets, but did you also know that they’re BFFs?! These two are pretty much inseperable and it’s written all over their Instagrams (and their faces!)


Check out these 7 times they were BFF goals:

1. When they were serving major looks with their black boots:

2. When Luna tagged Larsen as Cara and herself as Kendall Jenner AKA two models who are known for being BFFs. So cute!

3. When Luna captioned this pic “Don’t need no mans I got Larsen”

4. When they both rocked these dope tees!

5. When they showed their BFFriendship on Twitter getting ready to hang out!

6. When they looked super fancy in this mirror pic…

7. When they looked amazing with Lilimar!

Do you love Larsen and Luna?! Send this to your BFF!

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