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Flashback Friday With Aly & AJ!


Flashback Friday With Aly & AJ!

Hear their new song and have a marathon of their old hits!

It’s been 10 years since Aly and AJ released “Potential Breakup Song” but it’s still one of our favorite party jams ever. We first saw these two when they started releasing music after Aly became popular for her role on “Phil of the Future” in 2004. She shifted her focus to music with her sister AJ and the two became pop royalty! 

Now the sisters are back with a hot new track called “Take Me” and it’s safe to say that Aly and AJ have really found their new sound. 

We’ve got the new song for you, but first let’s take a walk down memory lane with some of their best hits over the years. 

Of course we have to start with Potential Breakup Song.

But we should also watch the “Phil Of The Future” theme song again because chances are you forgot how iconic it was.

Then there was “Like Whoa” which was popular like, whoa.

Things got super rock n’ roll on their track “Chemicals React” in 2007.

And in 2013 they went for a more mature vibe in their band 78Violet.

Now they’re back with “Take Me” and it’s the mature pop sound that the music world needs right now.

We can’t wait to hear more new music from Aly & AJ soon! In the meantime, we have “Take Me” on repeat!

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