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BFFriday: Camila Cabello And Her Musical Bestie Ashlee Juno


BFFriday: Camila Cabello And Her Musical Bestie Ashlee Juno

See their best moments!

In honor of Camila’s debut single “Crying In The Club” dropping today, we’re celebrating with her and her guitarist, Ashlee Juno for our BFFriday column!

Ashlee and Camila met when when Ashlee was touring with Fifth Harmony and now the two are the ultimate best friends! 

Here are some of our favorite things about their friendship. 

Whether they’re hitting up Grammy’s after parties together…

Or being tourists all over the world, these two are always there for each other.

Ashlee captioned this photo, “When family meets family.”

Camila posted this adorable video for Ashlee’s birthday!

This photo perfectly captures their beautiful friendship. What do you think they were talking about?

Camz captioned this photo, “You’re a truuuu-u-uuue friend, you’re here till the eeeend (in Hannah Montana’s voice).” Aw!

It seems like they’re always having jam sessions and girl talks on the tour bus. Every popstar needs a BFF on tour!

They’re always jamming out together!

And with friends like Machine Gun Kelly!

But they also turn up on the bus to get ready for an epic show!

And Ashlee posted this video for Camila’s birthday! So sweet!

We love this friendship so much and we are so excited for Camila’s solo music! Listen to our Friday playlist with new music from her and some of our other faves now!

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