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BFFriday: Here’s Why Normani Kordei and Josh Levi Have Such An Awesome Friendship


BFFriday: Here’s Why Normani Kordei and Josh Levi Have Such An Awesome Friendship

Forget the “goals” trend, this is the kind of friendship we should all actually strive for.

Here at YSBnow, we think one of the most important things a friendship needs is support. Friends support one another in everything that they do, no matter how big or small and today we’re shouting out two friends who we’ve seen support each other for years, Normani Kordei and Josh Levi. 

It’s easy to see two BFFs and immediately scream “GOALS” just because they take a cute selfie together, but Normani and Josh’s friendship is one we actually think is worthy of labelling as a goal. Everyone deserves a friendship like JoshMani in their life. 

Both superstars went on from X-Factor to join bands and pursue music and they’ve both done it with the friendship and support from one another. 

They really do go way back. Check out this epic throwback of the BFFs that Josh shared for Normani’s birthday!

When Normani was hosting the Stars and Strikes Charity event,

Josh came out to support his BFF.

And when she taped her first episode of Dancing With The Stars, Josh also made sure to be right by her side to cheer her on.

AND he tweeted to make sure everyone voted for his BFF.

He was also there to make sure she knew her steps LOL.

Here are a few more of our favorite Josh and Normani memories:

Whether these two are just hanging out during their downtime…

Or rocking a Vanity Fair party with their celeb friends, Josh and Normani are always making time for each other in their busy lives.

Let’s not forget their epic Halloween costumes last year!

And Josh has been friends with Normani’s bandmates/BFFs since the X-Factor days too!

Josh captioned this cute pic, “my day one. the legend. numba one hitta” because he knows Normani has his back.

This fan has the right idea. We’d love that too!

Another fan noticed how much they’ve grown up. Aw!

So the next time you’re looking for a friendship to model your own after, look at Normani and Josh. Now where’s that duet, guys?!

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