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Celebrating 11 Years Of Hannah Montana!


Celebrating 11 Years Of Hannah Montana!

Take a look back on the show’s best moments.


It’s almost too hard to put into words how popular Hannah Montana was, as an artist and a TV show. Four hit seasons, a movie, a sold out tour, and five chart topping albums is just the written definition of the show’s success. Today marks the 11th anniversary of Hannah Montana and we’re excited to celebrate the show of a lifetime with you! Let’s look back over some of the best times of Hannah Montana.

It all started with this…when Miley’s BFF Lilly found out that she was actually an international pop star…

Actually it started with this..Miley’s audition tape!

And these three.

How could we forget the song that started it all? That we still listen to all the time….

Remember how funny Miley’s facial expressions were?

And her crazy brother Jackson??

Her dad Robby Ray was always the coolest dad ever!

And one of the coolest things about the show was how her friends always had her back.

Which reminds us of her hit song “True Friend” that we still love and appreciate.

Do you remember when the JONAS BROTHERS guest starred? This was a true television EVENT.

One of our favorite songs was definitely “Nobody’s Perfect” because it taught us that it really is ok to make mistakes.

Ok this is for the true fans…do you remember ROXY?!

What about JAKE RYAN?!

Petition to bring back the saying “SWEET NIBLETS”

We’ll never forget the laughs, tears, and life lessons Hannah Montana taught us.

Thank you Hannah Montana and Disney Channel!

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