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BFFriday: Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky


BFFriday: Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky

Their music is good because their friendship is strong.

Earlier this week, news broke that Jack Gilinsky had been arrested at the airport. But maybe the most interesting part of the story is that his best friend Jack Johnson broke the news. As the arrest was happening, while Jack waited in holding, and all through the incident, his BFF Jack Johnson was there to document the whole thing. The number one comment made about the whole situation was “best friend goals” and while you guys already know that these two are some of our favorite BFFs, we just had to make them this week’s BFFriday. 

If you missed what went down with Jack Gilinsky at the airport or want to see the videos Johnson posted, click HERE. 

To check out our exclusive Jack & Jack cover story and photo shoot, click here. 

Click here for Jack Gilinsky’s cover shoot. 

Click here for Jack Johnson’s cover shoot.


Ever since they met in school, Jack and Jack were best friends

When they started making Vines, it was clear they were destined for big things.

Then, when they started to release official music videos and music, these guys quickly became a force to reckon with in the music industry.

This fan made video says it ALL! Amazing job, Nashty Dallasss!

The reason that their music works so well is because they’re such good friends. They always have each other’s backs.

I mean…..they can both fly….

They just act like best friends and it’s evident in their music and on stage!

They’re together all the time….but even when they’re not, they’re face timing each other.

On their off days, they hike together. They really can’t get enough of each other!

They truly are brothers. Just look at this picture…

Today they released their new track, “All Weekend Long” after teasing new music for months. Listen to the hot new track here.

Buy the new track here:

We’re so proud of how far these guys have come and we can’t wait to see how these two best friends take over the world.

Watch Jack & Jack talk to us about the importance of being yourself below.

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